Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've got the...Sundayyyy night blues (baby, baby), Sundayyyyy night blues...

Sundayyyyy, ni-i-i-ght blue-who-hooooos.
Yes, world, it's Sunday night again. How did it EVER get here so fast? Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Where did my weekend go? What on earth did I accomplish?  What DIDN'T I do that I really thought I would? Now that thought inspires list-worthy observations...
1. I did not finish grading the lame stack of papers that has been sitting here for nearly a month. I totally should have and could have. I graded some, but not all. Shame, shame on me. At this point in my life, I cram paper grading into obscure nooks and crannies of time. I go ahead and have a little TV time, but grade a couple, then a few days later, knock out a small stack (like three) at work, then a few days later, pick up a bigger pile with good intentions...but fall asleep. One of my quotes of the day on my desk calendar said something like "Work is love made visible" and it totally gave me a guilt complex for slacking on these papers. But then again, I have put some serious time/work into other areas of my life, like yearbook and my home life, these past few weeks, so maybe I should ease up on the guilt. Anyway, I vow to finish two more before I go to bed, and hit the rest tomorrow. They are starting to drive me nuts, hanging over my head for this long.
2. I did not go to Menards with Andy and the kids. Actually, I stayed in the house nearly all weekend. I did not apply make-up, and I did not wear a structured bra. I did not even shower today. Perhaps I took weekend mode too far, upon reflection.
3. I did not eat the rest of the Thin Mints. I still have a sleeve of them left. This should impress people.
4. I did not remember to take my work clothes out of the dryer while they were still warm. Damn it. I hope the wrinkles aren't too bad, because I did NOT iron. If I were to iron, I would suddenly gain about twice the wardrobe that I usually choose from, actually. I do this about twice per school year.
Okay, it's pretty late. I need to snap out of Sunday night denial and finish these two papers and go to bed.
:(   Oh well, once I'm at work and past first block I'll snap back into the routine...usually works...