Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2012

10:20 on a school night. A guy on HGTV is showing off his glass house and bragging about the cost of each item. Good for him, but man, he's distracting.
I should record a few details about life right now before I forget them.

First of all, cute things my kids are saying. When you ask Jack, "Do you like this?" he'll say, "Yes, I am!" instead of "yes, I do!". It's cute.
Then there's Sophie's liberal use of the term "goddamnit". Like, "I don't want to take my goddamnit shoes off!!!" She knows it's slightly naughty, which makes it liberating for a stubborn little hothead like Soph.

Next, boring health stuff. I've been dealing with a weird muscle spasm in my lip for a month now. I also had a facial spasm and some left thumb spasms, but those didn't last. I hope it's nothing, but it could be lots of things. I saw the PA about it already...we'll see. Also, IBS still sucks, but maybe a little better now.

Work? It's okay so far. It's my first time having a window room in Maize, and the window is glorious. I seriously like staying late after work. Once it's dark early outside, we'll see--that might change--but for now, it's a great place to get things done without feeling boxed in. Finally! Also I'm trying to start with more fun stuff built into the curriculum, so we'll see if that backfires. Slightly worried about the state of the parachute that I have to return to PW...

Okay, its 10:30 now, and I want to read some before turning in. I did stay home today--weirdly dizzy and exhausted, like a wimp--but I'm tired, anyway. Getting up early will never be my thing.