Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Darkly Dreaming Dexter...

We just finished watching season two of Dexter (I'm pretty sure I mention this fact too much, but hey, I watch and write within the same time span, most nights, so it's on my mind).  I am enjoying the show and the unexpected bonus entertainment it has provided: crazy Dexter-inspired dreams. Sadly, I don't remember all the details of the dreams for long, but I catch flashbacks to them that are quite interesting as I go about my business the next day. In at least one dream, for example, I was Dexter, or at least a Dexter-ish character. It was a first-person slasher dream, minus the explicit carnage--for some reason I don't remember seeing body parts or blood flying about; it was more of the slashing/stalking stuff. Creepy, but not really disturbing, as it perhaps should have been.

Last night's murder-themed dream featured one of my uncles who, in the dream, flipped out and went on a killing spree, with mostly kids as the victims. Totally reminded me of The Shining, only there were LOTS of kids around, and they were in a big, vacant, underground warehouse-type place instead of a rambling hotel. Although I knew terrible things were happening, I was again spared the actual killing scenes--it was a very "removed" sense of horror. My uncle made a stunningly wicked villain, and the action was intense.

These dreams fascinate me--I'm rather proud of my subconscious for developing such intricate stories, settings, characters--even the direction is compelling. I feel like I get a little glimpse of what great movie and television writers tap into when they are actually AWAKE (jealous!!!). And a little terror while I sleep makes the daytime hours seem that much more calm and bright. I feel a little thrill when something jolts my mind out of the blue, reminding me of the dream that was so vivid just hours before. I wonder, though--at some point, will one of these dreams go too far and actually wake me up, upset me, scare me? We'll see. Until then, I'll look forward to catching the next episode.

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