Thursday, February 3, 2011

There's always time to write.

So I'm at parent-teacher conferences right now, and despite the possibility of constant interruption, I've decided that I should write a bit. I don't have the attention span for anything extremely cohesive or serious, so I'm thinking a list is in order...the topic? How about random things I've noticed.
1. The poncho. A lady in front of me is wearing a plaid poncho/wrap, and it looks pretty cozy. Kinda like this:

I can't decide if she's pulling it off or not. It makes me want to stare at her. I think she knows I'm staring at her. Crap. Now I want to stare at everyone's outerwear. Hmm, leather jacket, wool peacoat, parka with faux fur trim. Kind of easy to judge people based on the style/condition of their coats.
2. 365letters. Shelly's blog is sooo fun to read. She includes pics, videos, etc. Must figure out if I can do that with this blog. Surely so. Maybe they'll base a movie off of her blog, ala Julie and Julia.
3. Dexter. Not liking Season 2 as much as I thought I would. Lila sucks. He's not killing anyone. I'm guessing it'll pick up??? Still want to see what happens, though!
4. Lauren Conrad has written 2 best-selling books. WTF.
5.  No dessert. Glad we still got a meal for conferences, but was looking forward to a cookie. Healthy eating. Balls. Good thing I had that Hershey's bar handy.
6.  Soooo cold. Yayyy, little space heater! Best $20 gift ever.
7. Secret Pal. I should never be one. I vow here and now to never, ever, ever sign up for this again.
8. Things to look forward to: Aaron and Tanna's wedding--should be fun! HOT weather. Another three-day weekend, woot!!! Traveling again, someday, somehow--Big Sur/Half Moon Bayyyyy!!!!! It WILL happen.
9. Random former neighbor at the next table. Son looks the same as he did four years ago; daughter is all grown up, wow.
10.  Making eye contact with people I recognize and should know...what is that lady's name???
Well, that's 10 things and it's only 6:30? Rawwr! I should just enjoy this relaxation time, right? Ommm.

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