Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can't peel my ass off the couch.

I'm too tired to go to bed right now, so I'm fiddling around on the internet. For some reason I stumble onto some blogs. I read about the red paperclip guy up in Canada who used the power of blogging to trade his paperclip for a house. I read a bit of Julia Sweeney's blog--I think she's mostly famous for being "Pat" on SNL years ago. At this point, I realize that I've been ignoring every artistic bone in my body, and I feel great shame for not even attempting to write, draw, paint, sculpt, perform...all of the things I loved to do as a kid. I decide I should write more. Write more, write more often, write more of what I'm thinking, write more about the world. So I have a blog now. Yep.


What's on my mind, anyway? It's usually cluttered with survival notes. WORK! HOME! IBS HELL! MONEY ANXIETY! Good grief, how about something more refined? Something less self-obsessed?

Alright. Notes on the world, it is, then.

1. ICT Rollergirls' pin-up calendar. Saw this on FB today. I am convinced that every single one of these women must be THE coolest person that each of her friends knows.

2. Monkey Spunk. This is the name of the band that has won the battle of the bands at our school for the past three years or so. I can just think of everyone saying it casually around the school, over the intercom, etc., and crack up. "Congratulations to Monkey Spunk!" Indeed.

3. Waffles. Delish.

4. Wendy pic. Read a great little story in O magazine about a self-taught 17-year-old photographer who has been winning awards for her work, including a photo illustration depicting Wendy from Peter Pan about to fly out her window. Can't get it out of my head.

5. Joan Rivers. Still hilarious. Caught her on the Fashion Police the other night, and she was shocking everyone with her bold wit, but they could NOT resist laughing. I have no idea how old Joan is at this point. She reminds me of one of those creepy hard-faced marionette dolls, thanks to an artistically gifted staff of plastic surgeons who MUST be at her beck and call.

6. Politics and world events. This is an area I feel obligated to include in this particular list. But honestly, I've been pretty tuned out for a while now, and I care, but I just can't stick with it all. I've forced myself to watch a couple of pundits from each side of the spectrum, and I flip the channel after less than five minutes of their ranting. John Stewart/Steven Colbert are the best I can do, and even they have been losing out to Chelsea Lately.

I have written something now, ahh. Now to repeat at some point...

Goodnight, blog-land.



  1. oh dear sister. how many comments i have to add. i'll start at the bottom. politics becomes increasingly unimportant as day-to-day drama increases. which is ironic, considering the impact that some of that stuff has on our lives. i'm fascinated by joan rivers and have thought the exact same puppet/canadian cartoon character (a la south park) thing about her. i miss making fun of things with you. we are sooo good at that. which leads me to the lack of mom/sister weekends, which i can almost not even handle. i miss you guys somethin' fierce. finally, dancing. let's do it. love you.

  2. Even if I didn't know you, I'd read this, Anne. Perfect blog name, and please do...

  3. Blog comments! Yayyy! Thanks, ladies. This makes my day.