Saturday, December 11, 2010


I feel floaty and content, and not just because of the vodka-laced cherry limeade, the strawberry margarita, and the knock-out strong cosmo that I slurped down this evening...though they contributed to this state of being, I'm sure. But let's look into the factors that made my evening pleasant.

First, Lauren and her friend cheerily agreed to babysit so Andy and I could finally go see the latest Harry Potter movie. I don't think the kids even cried when we left. The only "payment" Lauren asked for was having her darling friend over to help babysit. Before any of this happened, Lauren cleaned the kitchen without complaining once. Sweet, sweet daughter.

Then there's Andy, who agreed to alter our evening plans because he knew I didn't want to be out as late as originally planned. He didn't complain about that OR about the fact that I took a little too long to get ready. He complemented me when I finally emerged, ready to go. At the movie, he agreed to my menu selections and let me pick the seats. We just had fun together. Awesome.

Over the course of the night, every time we needed to pay for something I had a little stash of cash right there courtesy of my parents, who still slip me some moola every time we see them. It does make for a nice treat, especially when times are a little tough. I feel like a kid again thanks to them.

Leaving the movie, we ran into some dear friends from Hays, so we stopped for drinks and conversation. Meeting up with people you've known for that long is such a source of warmth and reassurance. They are solid, down to earth, funny--it was an unexpected pleasure to see them.

The Harry Potter movie was, of course, amazing. I usually dread visits to movie theaters, but Harry Potter crowds are special. With them, I sense a current of camaraderie that adds to the magic on the screen. We all know Harry; we all root for house elves.

Finally, I got to come home to a warm house on a frigid night and feel thankful for every simple pleasure I have.

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  1. You know what's great about your comments about me... I did not even realize I was doing all that stuff.. I probably should not let you in on the fact those weren't conscious decisions of mine just that I was happy to be with you.