Sunday, December 12, 2010

One. More. Week.

Confession: I think I was a lil bit tipsy when I wrote last night's blog entry, surprise. Now I'm back to less-than-thrilling reality, wondering how I'm going to muddle through one more week, including a yearbook deadline, before break. Ughhhhhhhhh. Then break will fly by, and the one-two punch of January/February will sock me right in the gut.

Plus, our "try to live off one teacher salary" plan is now in effect, so tomorrow we will be relegated to basic basic cable. I'm enjoying one more night of flipping through stupid channels I don't need, then I'll probably miss them for no good reason. Iron Chef, wah wahhh. House Hunters, wah wah wahhhhhh. Oh, well. I will be so proud of us if we can pull off this financial feat.

Maybe I shouldn't blog on Sunday nights. They are just dreadful. My head throbs with pessimistic grumblings, no good, no good.

So, gooood night.

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