Monday, January 24, 2011

I heart irony.

Yes, I looooove irony. I also have a great affinity for karma, poetic justice, the getting of just deserts--any fictional or, oh please, real life twist of fate that ends with grim, yet wildly satisfying (and well-deserved) universe-driven retribution.

Three cheers, as well, for karma's little helpers. These are the fearless few who boldly push, prod, and coax karma along, speeding up the process by which the assholes of the world get what they have coming. Ironically, by helping karma along, these cosmic elves risk earning their own comeuppance, but the reward earned for assisting karma is just too tempting to resist. Haven't we all taken this risk in exchange for just one taste of vengeance, just one moment of feeling that life really can be fair?

Of course, karma is at her most beautiful in her natural, unaided state. The neglectful neighbor who lets her dog shit all over the neighborhood? Ahhh, you just saw her scraping poo off her shoe. Truly, this sight rivals Niagara Falls in inspiring a sense of wonder and well-being. The speed demon who recklessly cut you off in traffic? Oooh, you guessed it, pulled over and issued a speeding ticket. We're talking Grand-Canyon good, on the right day.

But who am I to judge my other neighbor--you know, the one who deliberately positioned that shoe-defiling pile of poo right on the neglectful neighbor's front step? How can I begrudge the guy who, unbeknown to me, called in the speed demon and helped orchestrate that fateful ticket? I'm pretty sure he's my hero.

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