Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just watched the movie Salt. Pretty good. Angelina's a bit gaunt these days, though. She looked much more capable of kicking ass back in her Lara Croft days.

Watched Easy A today, too. Made me laugh out loud, which was nice. If only real life teenagers were as universally literate/witty as those depicted in this flick. Enjoyed Lisa Kudrow playing a bitch. Had to pause about five times toward the end because the twins woke up early, had poopy pants, cried, whined, etc.

Ate some Taco Pronto for lunch. Not as good as I remembered. Salty. Ironically, did not eat it while watching Salt.

Christmas break is over. Had some good times. The days with nice weather rocked. Loved going to the zoo and playing outside with the kids. Enjoyed mall trip with Lauren and Jennifer. Mall pizza is still greasilicious. Made up that word. Obviously. Should have done more with just Andy and just Lauren, probably. Not so easy with the twins at this age. Nope.

Computer being weird. Me too. Will probably benefit from getting out of the house and back to work. Kind of wish this wasn't true, but it seems pretty true. 

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