Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stuffy stuff...

I kinda ditched/forgot about/thought I lost my blog, but here it is. Here are some things I've done since I last wrote:
*discovered Pinterest, a fabulous time waster that makes you think you're storing useful ideas for later.
*learned that cooking bacon in the oven really is the superior way to make bacon.
*did not lose weight. See bacon note above.
*did not start working out, sigh.
*greatly improved classroom discussion methods in my English class, yay!
*worried and thought a lot about putting our dog down, but didn't have to. Found renewed love of dog.
*realized that the terrible threes really are worse than the terrible twos.
*endured my daughter having a horrible boyfriend and breaking up with said boyfriend, whew.
*stopped watching almost every TV show I used to follow.
*cut my hair short and kept it pretty short; got highlights that went too blonde then darkened them up again.
*had a scare with my dad's health and learned to look at life, faith, and family differently.
*read several classic books that were on my list of shame.
*made a paper wig for Lauren's Andy Warhol project and realized how much I miss art.
*saw no great concerts, took no amazing trips...well, Minneapolis was alright. Anytime I get to visit a faraway spot I've never seen, it's pretty cool.
*Survived in my high-stress, no-money, kid-filled, sleep-deprived, crazy-but-loveable life.

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